A Shared Sourcing Office In Shenzhen, Shall We?

Date: Thursday, December 2nd 2021

Time: 5pm to 8pm

Physical Venue: BURO

Online meeting: see link below
Agenda: see here

Format: Proposal & round-table

Come discuss the business model of a one-stop-shop office with full-time merchandisers, trained QC officers, 

logisticians & customs agent, all devoting their time to dozen of Armenian companies.

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Anticipated Agenda

  • 5:00pm: Networking Coffee
  • 5.30pm: Proposal plan
    • Goal of today’s meeting
    • ChinAr 40’ view
    • What’s a sourcing office
    • Armenia’s current sourcing issues
    • How are usually sourcing offices operating
    • Mindset of Asian suppliers post-Covid
    • The potential of Armenia backed by a SSO
    • The location of our SSO
    • The economical solutions of our SSO
    • The long-term vision of our office
    • The actual setup of our SSO
  • 6:00pm: Round-table with relevant businessmen, problem facing
  • 7:00pm: How can the existing ecosystem help
  • 7:30pm: Action items
  • 8:00pm: Cocktail  

Venue, Fees & Amenities

There is no fee associated for this event for speakers/attendees/audience:

The venue negotiated with BURO is covered by ChinAr. There will also be water/coffee/tea/cookies provided.

The bar & kitchen are open if you want to place a separate order.

BURO Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

7, 1 Nalbandyan St, Yerevan

Parking: forget about it, just walk, yandex/gg or jet/busyfly it

The venue is in the backyard, for the entrance follow the green arrow. 

  • There is a video-projector. If you present something make sure to bring your file or your computer.
  • The sound of the connected laptop will come out from a 5.1 sound system.
  • There will be a camera recording/streaming the event.
  • There are plenty of electrical outlets if you need to take your laptop and plug it in.
  • There will be a microphone with an extra speaker.
  • The room maximum capacity is 60 but we don't expect to fill it out.
  • The tables will be spread over the room college style, with 3-4 seats per table.
  • There is an extra TV which will display the stream/comments and remote participants.

Who is this event for?

This event is to unite businessmen having or intending to have procurement activities in China.

Whether you are a startup and trying to engineer products to get your 1st batch out or a rather established company there are always problems to solve.

Hardware startups, entrepreneurs, business people doing trade with China, Government officials, consultants, traders... are all welcome to join and participate.

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See you there...

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