A hardware-focused venture fund based in Armenia

Our Uniqueness

More than mentorship...

Partners commit to getting involved in each of the investments they perform, at an average of 10h/week/startup. Our role can vary from marketing, sales, supply chain, or engineering. While we don’t take C-level positions we actually roll up our sleeves, are in the Trello board and Slack channels of all the startups we invest in, take part in the weekly taskings meetings… For startups, they benefit from an extra human resources capital with zero impact on their P&L.

Thus, we invest in a lesser amount of startups but we follow each of them very closely.

Discover new horizons

When the silicon valley of China (aka Shenzhen) has been your home for over 10 years and you know the insides out: from manufacturing facilities of all sizes, to mechanical engineering shops or local market distributors… that’s a real unfair advantage for our portfolio companies. During the initial phase we take our portfolio companies to Shenzhen every 90 days for a 10 days-thorough-on-the-ground work!

And during the launch if it happens that your market is in Europe or US we will equally take you to the right places.

Area of Focus

Hardware first, it is.

What we invest in

  • IoT
  • Robotics / Micro-Robotics
  • TinyML / Embedded AI
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Next-gen Cyber Security
  • Digital Defense
  • UAV / Aerospace / Automotive

What we don't invest in

  • Hardware without engineering or software
  • Traditional enterprise SaaS
  • Financial / Crypto
  • Entertainment, Fashion, Cultural
  • Food & Beverage
  • Raw Material / Unfinished products
  • Anything not leveraging Armenia or China

In short, we are hardware-focused and if we happen to invest in software-only,

it is to serve national security interest.

A full-on hardware laboratory in the outskirt of Yerevan

2D Printing & Photography

Large format Epson Printer, Roland Vinyl Print and Cut System, Epson Scanner and Silverfast Scanning Software, CODA Pressure Mounting Press, ProFoto D1 Air 3 head strobe kit, Nikon DSLR Cameras, Photo Backdrops and Stands, Tripods, Reflectors...

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Trotec Speedy 300 Laser Cutter, 29" x 17" bed, 

Trotec Speedy 500 Laser Cutter, 28" x 49" bed,

Universal Laser Cutter, 48" x 24" bed, Universal Laser Cutter, 24" x 18" bed, Universal Laser Cutter, 32" x 18" bed

3D Printing & Scanning

Lulzbot Printers,

Stratasys Dimension Dual Extrusion FDM Printer,

Next Engine 3D Laser Scanner,

3D Systems Sense 3D Scanner

Metal Cutting

5-Axis Water Jet, HAAS 3-Axis CNC Mill, Manual Plasma Cutter, MIG & TIG Welders, Oxy-Fuel Torch, Hydraulic Ironworker, Abrasive Chop Saw, Horizontal Lathe, Vertical Mills, Metal Bandsaw

Box and Pan Brake, Shears, Rolling Machine, Cold Saw, Drill Press...


Soldering Stations, Precision Hand Tools, Multimeter,  Oscilloscope, Microscope (10x), DC Power Supplies, FG, EAL, MDR, NI BDS, NI DAS, Pick & Place Machine

CNC Pick & Place Machine, Solder Paste Stencil Printer...

Wood Working

Sawstop Table saw, Jointer, Wide Belt Sander, Planer, Kreg Router Table, Lathes, Drill Presses, Bandsaws, Miter Saws, Oscillating Spindle Sander, Oscillating Edge Sander, Belt and Disk Sanders, Power tools, ShopBot CNC Routers, Roland MDX CNC Mill

3 Investment Programs


  • Stage: idea
  • Funding: $10-25k
  • Equity: 3-5%
  • Goal: MVP


  • Stage: prototyping
  • Funding: $300k
  • Equity: 20%
  • Goal: go-to-market

Series A

  • Stage: traction
  • Funding: co-investor up to $2M
  • Equity: TBD
  • Goal: scale


Software Bizdev, HUAWEI

"Back in October 2019, when Armenia was hosting the WCIT, I was running a startup focused on selling imported products on WeChat in China. I attended the WCIT in Yerevan and realized the potential of the country. Ten days later I came back to Shenzhen and I had a team in Armenia with 1 designer, 1 marketer and 1 software engineering on payroll to help me with merchants' outreach in US/EU. From a Chinese angle I think ChinAr has a lot of potential to attract Chinese capital.

Let's do this together!

ChinAr Tech is an initiative led by both Armenians from around the world (US, France, China) and Chinese with deep tech knowledge.

Connect with us and tell us how you can bring your expertise to take this to the next level.

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