Investment Programs

3 programs tailored to every entrepreneurs

Whether you just have an idea, a working prototype or traction there is room for us to work together. We are not your regular venture fund, just investing and mentoring when necessary; we actually take a position in your startup to help you get it off the ground. We've acquired the formula of success, just surf that wave!

We require all our portfolio companies to register an Armenian LLC in order to receive investments from ChinAr.

Past the accelerator program, you may want to register a DE C-corp to tag along other investors who are more comfortable with a US structure.


Make your idea a reality

Whether you are a student from AUA, a Tumo youngster, or a seasoned entrepreneur, at this stage we are eager to investing in all type of people who wants to make their idea a reality. For the incubator program our screening process cares very little about your experience and more about the idea and passion you have to make it happen. At this point the entirety of the program is focused on making a MVP; no fancy website, partnership or wasting time with stock option plans. 

  • Stage: Idea
  • Funding: up to $25k *
  • Equity: 3 to 5% ** 
  • Goal: MVP ***

What we offer:

  • Funding, exclusively for MVP - no salary
  • Take advantage of our maker-space facility
  • Free support to realize your prototype, up to 5h / week

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* we offer as little as $10k and as much as $25k - unless you are building a spaceship (which can be subject to discussion) this should suffice to build a MVP. 

** against the above funding, ChinAr takes equities in your company ranging between 3%, 3.5%, 4%, 4.5% or 5% at most. To be discussed in terms sheet. An Armenian LLC is required.

*** It's unlikely that your MVP is anything else than a prototype but there are many expensive parts of the proto that can be substituted for some cheaper solutions. We will agree before hand what's the MVP that should be delivered.


Bring your idea to market

Now that you have something working and learnt from it we'll need to bring it to the market. At this stage we will look very much in what type of founder you are, your personality, the dedication that you put during the incubator stage if you were with us, the flexibility you have to be driven and your past experience. We need to build a company and it takes a lot of vertical resources to be on the front lines: marketing, sales, pitching, supply chain establishment, procurement... 

  • Stage: Prototype
  • Funding: $300k
  • Equity: 20%
  • Goal: Go to market

What we offer:

  • Funding
  • Take advantage of our maker-space facility *
  • Get an office space for 1 year **
  • Get a partner to work with you - as part of your team - up to 10h / week ***
  • Go to Shenzhen every 90 days ****

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* our maker-space facility is free for you to use. As you may be fine-tuning your product you will need to pay for the raw material / cost of your subsequent prototyping efforts.

** the office space and size vary according to team size and availability.

*** a partner from ChinAr to be part of your weekly meeting, of your slack channel and trello board, we are here to help. It's a mutual beneficial process where we patch in the missing expertise of your founding team.

**** trips to be paid at startups expense but all the organization is undertaken by ChinAr

Series A (non-lead)

Scale your market

At this stage we probably incubated and accelerated together. You've proven you could bring a product to market and get some traction. Usually for hardware products it's hard to get any other form of tractions than hard POs. We will then look for further funding for your company where we co-invest along side other Venture Capitalists. At this point only registering your company as a DE C-corp might be a necessity.

  • Stage: Traction
  • Funding: up to $2M, as a co-investor
  • Equity: TBD
  • Goal: Growth

What we offer:

  • Funding
  • Maker-space facility for further R&D
  • Mentoring from previous partner 

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While we prioritize startups coming out of our acceleration program we also look at applications that are already at this stage.

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