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The Name 名称

ChinAr's name comes from the abbreviation of China Armenia but it also has an empowering meaning as the word Chinar in Armenian (չինար) is used to describe one's physical body strength. The idea of the name is credited to our friend Nare Gevorgyan. In Chinese while the names China 中国 (ZhongGuo) and Armenia 亚美尼亚 (YaMeiNiYa) are abbreviated as 中亚 (ZhongYa) we actually kept the pronunciation ChinAr using 3 Chinese characters

奇纳尔 (QiNaEr) which - interestingly enough - also means surprisingly strong but more mentally; and besides when we pronounce Chinar in China it now sounds alike!

ChinAr 的名字来自China Armenia 的缩写,但它也有一个赋予权力的意思,因为亚美尼亚语中的Chinar(չինար)这个词用来描述一个人的体力。 这个名字的想法归功于我们好朋友 Nare Gevorgyan。中文的话,中国 和 亚美尼亚 的名称缩写为中亚 我们实际上保留了发音 ChinAr 使用 3 个汉字 奇纳尔(QiNaEr)有趣的是也有点出人意料地强壮,但更精神上; 此外,它听起来也很像!

The Genesis 创世纪

ChinAr idea started late 2019, during one of our Chinese partners visiting the WCIT Armenia, as a thought aside of everyone's job. The idea was to create a both-way long-term economical/technological/industrial ties. On September 27th 2020, the fate of many Armenians changed globally, so while a few thousand made the ultimate sacrifice during the war there are also many who changed their path to do something for their country. That's when it started to get more serious. While everything does not have to be military oriented we are all trying to bring a stone to the edifice and give Armenia an ecosystem, where it can prosper throughout multi-faceted experience.

骑纳尔的想法始于 2019 年底,作为每个人工作之外的想法,当时我们的一位中国合作伙伴访问 WCIT 亚美尼亚。 这个想法是建立双向的长期经济/技术/工业联系。 2020 年 9 月 27 日,许多亚美尼亚人的命运在全球发生了变化,因此,虽然有数千人在战争中做出了最终牺牲,但也有许多人改变了道路,为自己的国家做点事。 虽然一切都不必以军事为导向,但我们都在努力为大厦添砖加瓦,并为亚美尼亚提供一个生态系统,使其在多方面的体验中繁荣发展。

Our Motto: we establish operations


We are serial entrepreneurs who deeply understand the problems founders go through. Whether you are a startup or an established company and you need China it's most likely because you have some products that need either to be manufactured/sold from/in China. For high-tech startups there are extra layers of difficulties, which make the original 0.1% chance of success of a SaaS startup now a 0.01% chance because on top of all the marketing, software, customer support, funding, and legal issues there is the hardware components, meaning: R&D cost, cashflow for production, extra know-how, versioning/inventory, supply chain, recalls, currency fluctuation etc.

Whatever we do we roll up our sleeves and get involved in the operations.

我们是连续创业者,深刻理解创始人所经历的问题。 无论您是初创公司还是成熟公司,您都需要中国,这很可能是因为您有一些产品需要在中国制造/销售。 对于高科技初创公司来说,还有额外的困难,这使得 SaaS 初创公司最初 0.1% 的成功机会现在变成了 0.01%,因为除了所有营销、软件、客户支持、资金和法律问题之外,还有 硬件组件,意思是:研发成本、生产现金流、额外的技术诀窍、版本控制/库存、供应链、召回、货币波动等。无论我们做什么,我们都会卷起袖子参与运营。

The 40' view Vision

40' 视野愿景

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