China Armenia Relations

Context 景况

Historically China and Armenia always enjoyed good relationships. 

Armenia being an Eurasian country always had closer cultural bounds with China compared to its Western counterparts.

A lot of daily life similarities are to be observed between those 2 countries and this cultural connection gives Armenia an advantage from the get go. 

Not many countries can brag about having several thousand years of history, China and Armenia are two of them.


  • Trade have been observed since the 5th century
  • Intensive trade were performed by merchants during the XVIII - XIX centuries
  • Armenian community in China was established in the first half of the XX century until the revolution
  • Since Armenia gained its independence from the USSR good diplomatic relations have been maintained 
  • Important investment from China in Armenia since 2012
  • An Armenian community in China (ChinaHay) strong of several thousand people
  • 自 5 世纪以来就已观察到贸易
  • 在十八至十九世纪期间,商人进行了密集的贸易
  • 在中国的亚美尼亚社区成立于二十世纪上半叶,直到革命
  • 自亚美尼亚脱离苏联独立以来,一直保持着良好的外交关系
  • 2012年以来中国在亚美尼亚的重要投资
  • 数千人的中国亚美尼亚社区(ChinaHay)

What does Armenia need from China?

Supply Chain 供应链

Thanks to the ecosystem it created over the past 4 decades, China will remain the manufacturing hub of the world for many industries. All the industrial plants, raw material suppliers and logistics companies together are ideal for any hardware startups who need to establish a supply chain. 

得益于过去 40年创造的生态系统,中国将继续成为许多行业的世界制造中心。 所有的工业厂房、原材料供应商和物流公司都是任何需要建立供应链的硬件初创公司的理想选择。

Influx Capital 投资资金

Since 2017 China surpassed the US to be the #1 country in the world in terms of GDP PPP adjusted and is #2 based on nominal GDP. With over $500B of merchandise trade balance, international partnerships and diversification is more than ever on the agenda of the middle country.
自 2017 年以来,中国在 GDP 购买力平价调整后超过美国成为世界排名第一的国家,并且根据名义 GDP 排名第二。 凭借超过 500B 美元的商品贸易差额,国际伙伴关系和多元化比以往任何时候都更多地出现在中间国家的议程上。

China Market 中国市场

The China market is as juicy as complex. And thus often not a priority. In the IT sector, China would not look anymore as US/EU's proof of concept before buying into a product. With the right market entry connections and know-how the only worry is how to keep up with the supply. 

中国市场既多汁又复杂。 因此通常不是优先事项。 在 IT 领域,中国在购买产品之前不会再被视为美国/欧盟的概念证明。 有了正确的市场准入连接和专业知识,唯一担心的是如何跟上供应。

And why would China care?


A hub for the West

The great firewall in China coupled with very Mainland centric marketing tools make it hard for Chinese companies to expend overseas. On the other hands, the outsourcing know-how acquired by Armenian agencies over the past 2 decades, coupled with the local diaspora presence over 100 countries, make Armenian sales & marketers very strong candidates to enter almost any western markets.
中国的防火墙加上非常以大陆为中心的营销工具,使中国公司很难在海外扩张。 另一方面,亚美尼亚代理机构在过去 2 年中获得的外包专业知识,再加上 100 多个国家的当地侨民存在,使亚美尼亚的销售和营销人员成为进入几乎任何西方市场的有力候选人。


A Geopolitical Context

Whether Armenia is to be seen as part of the One Road One Belt initiative - a $1 tn project announced by President Xi in 2013 - or for its good ever lasting historical/political ties, Armenia is and will always be threatless for the Middle Kingdom.
无论亚美尼亚是被视为“一带一路”倡议的一部分——习主席在 2013 年宣布的 1 万亿美元项目——还是因为其长期保持良好的历史/政治关系,亚美尼亚现在并且将永远不会对中国构成威胁。


A high ROI

With nearly half a trillion dollars of merchandise trade balance in 2020 China is always looking at strategic investments. Armenia presents itself as the resource with the best ratio qualification/cost ever, making it de facto the go-to for any investors looking at high returns.

到 2020 年,中国的商品贸易余额将接近 5000 亿美元,一直在寻求战略投资。 亚美尼亚将自己展示为具有最佳比率资格/成本的资源,使其成为任何寻求高回报的投资者的首选。

Look no further, China and Armenia are meant to thrive together!

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