Thursday, DECEMBER 2nd 2021 - 5pm

A shared sourcing office in Shenzhen, shall we?

Round table and proposal for the Armenian private companies who need to solve supply chain issues.

We aim to nurture the CN-AM engineering community

through both online & offline meet-ups


Online Streams

We gather panelists of Armenian and Chinese tech sector specialists to exchange on topic that would allow us to better understand the needs of both countries. Some examples: HR price differences, AI use in industrial domains, HW lab management... 

Events in Yerevan & Shenzhen

With boots on the ground in both Shenzhen and Yerevan we organize physical lectures and seminars by industry leaders: people who succeeded launching hardware products, investors with hundreds of deals done in their portfolio, electronic factories owners...  

Demo Day

Whether it's at the end of our incubator/accelerator programs, or random hackathons organized throughout the year there is always a chance for startups to pitch their idea in front of investors. We livestream / record all our events to allow better exposure.

Our events are posted on our FB page and relayed here

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