ChinAr is working on various projects around trading commodities, financial services and attracting Chinese investments to Armenia

Import - Export


Importing commodities from China to Armenia or exporting brands from Armenia to China are activities that ChinAr wants to facilitate between the 2 countries. There are very well established processes that have over 16 years track records generating tens of millions of dollars.
从中国向亚美尼亚进口商品或从亚美尼亚向中国出口品牌是骑纳尔希望促进两国之间的活动。 已经建立了非常完善的流程,这些流程拥有超过 16 年的经验,产生了数千万美元的交易记录。

Financial Services


From online payment processor licenses to non-resident accounts opening, large transaction fundraising through SWAP agreements, investment into banking sectors etc we believe that laying down solid financial basis are the ground foundation to any relationships between countries.
从在线支付处理器许可证到离岸账户开立、通过 SWAP 协议进行的大笔交易筹款、银行机构的相关投资 等,我们相信奠定坚实的财务基础是建立任何国家之间关系的基础。

Invest in Armenia


Armenia represents a very diversified strategic platform for Chinese investors. Whether it is to invest in existing companies or create subsidiaries from scratch there are opportunities in various sectors, including industrial, high-tech and defense.
亚美尼亚为中国投资者提供了一个非常多元化的战略平台。 无论是投资现有公司还是从零开始创建子公司,工业、高科技和国防等各个领域都有机会。

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